The Silver Maple Treehouse - Boulder, CO

One giant Silver Maple tree hosts this feature-packed treehouse dreamland!  A rope climb from the yard accesses the deck through a gate in the railing, while a drop-down rope ladder through a trap door will take you up into the house.  For the climbers, monkey bars built into the underside of the deck wrap around and up the side of the treehouse.  A window-filled "tree wall" design and big skylight allow generous natural lighting in the house and a comfy net loft under the skylight provides great views up into the canopy.  The front dutch door features a tiny operable fairy door in its corner, making three doors in one.  Also included: a fold-up table, built in bookshelves, two basket and pulley lifts, fireman's pole escape, and way up in the tree a tiny platform as a resting spot for the super adventurous tree climber!  And if all that wasn't enough, two sections of the railing swing open to make way for a 70ft zipline from the treehouse over to a second-floor deck of the main house!